Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick & waiting...

I feel like a bus hit me, I am more exhausted than I was before and I hate the change in my taste buds. One of the possible side effects from radiation is altered taste. I taste a kind of bitter, chemical taste. There is next to no flavor being picked up, so eatting is a lousy. That might be a good thing...? At least I didn't suffer with the dreaded dry mouth they warn of. Many people wind up with damaged saliva ducts as result of this radiation. It's why they tell us to constantly eat sour candies while we are radioactive. It forcesthe ducts to keep working. My mouth now gets dry, but mostly I notice it when I wake in the morning, but the daytime is fine.

Now I am just hoping my taste buds resume there original duties soon. I wanna be able to taste properly again!!!

I am also still waiting on news of my scan results.

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