Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Power of positivity

I have been inspired by so many people around me. The cheerleaders in my real life who remind me to keep going because no matter what they will always be here for me (one of my besties-Laura, who's let me be me in my entirety and been unwavering in her support), the connections I've made in the blogging world (like this amazing woman who emits positivity and humour), a few very important members of my online forum, Thyr'vors, and a woman named Maryanne, who I have never met though I feel as if we are old dear friends.

Sometimes people have no idea how deeply they can affect a person just with their words and simple actions. You have all made a huge difference in my life, and I want to thank you for reminding me who I am and why I fight. Because of the positive attitudes you continue to infect me with I wanted to start doing something positive, occasional messages of affirmation. Whether they be for myself or for others.

I'll kick it off with a message for myself.... (though I suspect many others will benefit from these words too.)




Diana said...

You my dear girl are an inspiration to many. you manage life, a home, kids and illness and yet even on a bad day you seem to find time if even for a sec to let others know that you are still thinking of them!!
You go girl!!

l'optimiste said...

hey, thanks for the shout :o) It's nice to be told I am inspiring, as I certainly don't feel as if I am [I grumble a lot!]. And sometimes it is hard to be positive - for anybody, not just us cancery types. So, what a nice start to the day!

I like this post - you sound happier. Have a good day, scars and all ;o)

Kauline said...

Thanks! I appreciate the comments of both of you, and yes I am feeling a tad happier. I think I am finally accepting that I have cancer and starting to realize that life can continue even while I am sick.


MOtastic said...

Feel better love! I am looking forward to reading about your journey! : )

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