Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cancer and depression.... errr.... depression and cancer.

On the eve of a special day I share this post.

I have never talked about this issue here before, mostly because the illness I had been dealing with prior to my thyca diagnosis, somehow became less important.

5 months after the birth of Roo ( my darling little girl), I had been diagnosed by my doctor with a pretty severe case of Post Partum Depression (PPD) and Post Partum Anxiety (PPA). Finally I knew what was wrong with me and I got help through my Dr., a support group and medications for depression and anxiety. It was a constant struggle but it got easier once I came out and told my family and close friends.

In the support group they talked about how important it was to get your thyroid checked becasue there are a great number of women who deal with post partum thyroid issues causing mood changes. I went to my Dr and he said this wasn't likely the case with me and left my treatment the way it was. Now, don't misunderstand, my Dr is great, but I can't help but wonder if my thyroid had already been under attack by this awful disease.

My question is this Which came first the chicken or the egg the depression or the cancer? I will likely never know but it will always be in the back of my mind.

I can't seem to find any kind of studies on thyca patients with a recent history of new depression. Though I do see that lots of us wind up dealing with depression after having cancer and the treatments that go along with it.

Sidenote: Tomorrow is Roo's 2nd birthday and I have granted myself a day pass. It will be a cancer free day. Nothing but hugs and cuddles and playing, with a side of birthday cake and ice cream. Did I mention hugs, and cuddles??? We all need a break and this is the perfect reason to take one.


Jill said...

Enjoy your day with your special little guy....everything else can wait.Hugs and cuddles can be very therapeutic.
Happy Birthday Roo♥

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. my mom had tryoid cancer a few years ago and has to deal with depression since then. sorry for you too having this.

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