Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun way to spend Halloween

I have a busy day today I somehow wound up with my Appointment on Halloween. How unfair is that? At any rate I must go. I've been feeling rather unwell lately (more than normal). So I called them to discuss it. I can explain how I've been feeling and see if they think it's worrisome. I believe it is and I believe they need to find a way to let me go hypothyroid so I can be scanned. My Dr's prefer to hold off on going hypothyroid in hopes that Thyrogen will become available but it's been in shortage for so very long. My health concerns are serious enough that I am going to demand that they figure it out and stop waiting.

I constantly worry that the cancer has spread while we've sat here doing nothing but wait for Thyrogen. Frankly I'm tired of doing nothing!

Today all that ends and I'm going in there guns blazing.


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