Friday, August 19, 2011

Cancer Drug-Thyrogen in continued shortage

It's been a while since I updated on the Thyrogen shortage happening in Canada. I am including all the letters so that new readers can see the situation from beginning to the current announcement.

I am now at a point that I will be making an appointment to speak to my Dr's about allowing me to go "hypo" under close medical observation. Hypo is not a safe option for me because I have a heart condition, however sitting here with cancer still in my body for months and months of doing nothing is (in my opinion) also not a safe option. I stress constantly that the cancer is growing and that I'll get terminal before Thyrogen is available. Now I know that seems dramatic, and scary, but it's where my mind goes and I can't help having these kinds of fears. I just want to move forward in my treatment and at least feel like we're doing something, anything to keep moving in the right direction.

I am really disgusted that this shortage is continuing this long. Does anyone even care that people like me are sitting here with CANCER doing NOTHING to get better? They need to get their shit together and get this shortage solved. AS it sits now We could be waiting until spring of 2012. If my hunch is correct, we'll get  ANOTHER shortage letter at that time.

Now for the letters the first is Dated Nov 2010 with the most recent being July 2011. For the current status please skip right to the last letter.


Florida said...

I called my Endo's office as soon as I read the email from the listserv about the shortage earlier this year, so they had some on hand for me back in June.

I haven't read too far back in your posts, so I assume you need the Thyrogen shots for a WBS and/or a stimulated Tg draw. If it is for a WBS, then hopefully they can monitor your TSH daily, so they can give you the scan dose as soon as it is high enough?

Hang in there.

The Host said...

Dealing with a runaround on top of dealing with cancer sounds like a terrible nightmare. I'm sorry you have to go through that.

Anonymous said...

Saw my oncologist today, there is evidence of cancer recurrence, but Thyrogen shortage continues still, so they can't do the radioactive iodine scan. I'm supposed to come back in 3 months. How can they explain this extended shortage? Excuses excuses.

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