Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank you.

I've been gone a long while. I need a break. I needed to stop waiting to die, and let myself live. The year has been rough in many ways. My grandfather passed away after his battle with lung cancer, a friend who was like me in many ways (young wife and mother) lost her battle with cancer, but not before making me realize that I was wasting my life by wallowing in the sadness and anger I had. She was the one who gave me that shocking wakeup call that if I did die, my last time on this earth would have been completely wasted and my family and friends would remember me as a quitter. The moment I read that email from her I stood up to cancer and took my life back. Not long after that another friend also lost her battle. It began getting really hard watching people fight so damned hard only to lose in the end. Good people, brave people and people who even in the midst of their own illness took time to help me see what I was doing to myself.

To Julie and Sandra I will be eternally grateful for your words of wisdom and advice. I wish you were both still here to see your children grow old. One thing I can't get passed is how unfair it all is.


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