Saturday, August 15, 2009

New name

I need a name change for this blog, not that anyone's reading. For me Might Be Cancer isn't the case anymore, and when I was think about what to rename my blog one thing resonates in my mind. The number of people who told me that Thyroid Cancer is "the good kind" sickens me. Even good friends and family members have slapped me in the face with that comment.

I am glad no ones reading this blog there would be a lot of hurt feeling for being called on using that stupid phrase. It's NOT the good kind so fuck off.... (pardon me for that but I get very very angry, it's my hot button issue)

So now my new name is: It's Not the Good Kind.


l'optimiste said...

heh heh - "the good kind"?? Only someone who hasn't had cancer could come up with that one!

And sometimes it's better that people know they are enfuriating - it avoids them doing it again and again until you bash them one ;o)

katydogcrazy said...

My thyroid cancer actually IS "the good kind". My oncologist reminds me that I am statistically more likely to be killed by a bus than die from it. Very unlikely to even have any recurrence. [Of course I keep in mind that some individuals actually exist at the BAD end of the stat curve or it wouldn't BE a curve.]

So I have noticed that in media reports there is always mention of how a great many of the thyroid cancers being found are innocuous and would never actually cause illness let alone death. Then there will be some tiny mention of more aggressive types, stressing that they are in the minority of thyroid cancers diagnosed.

So ... humans being damned humans, readers come away with the idea that thyroid cancer (in general) is no big deal. They end up feeling safer in a very uncertain world. Can't blame humans for being human. HOWEVER, I certainly can blame anyone who is so self-involved (excepting, of course, children) as to believe that YOUR cancer is no big deal unless they hear you truthfully telling them that yourself.

It is terribly alienating to find yourself in the position of having to defend your right to reasonably fear (diagnosis based reason) that you have a fatal illness, and to be terrified by how completely out of control your entire life has become.

I believe that anger is by far the healthiest response - depression is the only real alternative. Over time the third option of accepting their weakness and forgiving them may come up, and that would free you from feeling betrayed; but until then, they can just fuck right off.

- Katy xox

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